Friday, 2 December 2016

Its a long time since i updated my profile picture so...

This is a drawing i did for Lady Dinah on G+

I'm imagining me all dolled up as her pretty confident maid.

She made me see something new in my feminine side.

Oh and here is an earlier version  which i like too:

Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Halloween Costume

This is an older sketch i hadn't  published before (that i can recall).

It made me think what a wonderful moment to be 'found out' like this...

A young man with submissive and feminine tendencies finds it hard to hide his nature around a strong, confident Woman of his acquaintance.

She notices his signals: he can't make eye contact, he is so eager to do what he's told, he moves and holds his hands just so... She smiles in realization.

She has a thought.

'Halloween is coming ...  I think I'll invite him to that party, and I'll have a costume ready for him. The pink one is his size i think...'

He arrives at the door. On Halloween.

'Hi Charlie' she says. Her body is hidden as she peers round the half closed door. She is working on an earring.

'Come on in Charlie. Go up to the bedroom I'll be with you in a sec.'

Charlie sees some feminine items laid out on the bed. 'Wow. This must be her costume. Heels, Everythings pink! Short skirt. She'll look so hot in this!

'Do you like it?'

She enters briskly, in clicking high heels and a dynamite short black dress. Is that black edged lipstick? Charley is a bit stunned. His mouth is a  little open but no words emerge.

'Charlie?' she prompts.

'You look... Wow you look great!' he gushes. '... only... I thought this was your costume on the bed?'

'Oh no, that's your costume Charlie' she says without missing a beat.

He starts to sputter something  but she cuts him off.

'Hand me your phone' she says.'

'Wha why? I...'

'Your phone?'

He hesitates

'Is there something you dont want me to see? Browsing hostory, images maybe?'

He is stumped, it wouldn't take her long, had she glimpsed something... he blushes and stares at the ground between them.

'Look. It's OK Charlie. Your secret is safe. Hey! its Haloween. You can say you did it for a dare if you like. I might even back you up (she teases). But i am pretty certain that deep down you want to be fi fi the pink submissive maid to my dominatrix tonight. Is that right dear?'





Yes Ma'am '

'Good girl fi fi. Now lets get you ready!'

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Lost Bet = Cheer Leader

'She couldn't really mean it could she?'

(Joe thinks)

'I mean I did lose that stupid bet. But I was a little drunk at the time.
And now I have to go to the game dressed as Penny says. That was the bet.'

'But this is too much.'

'Please Penny. I ...'

'What Joe (impatiently)?'

'Did you want to whine some more about losing the bet?
Or do you want to welch on it altogether?
Its appropriate that you're dressed as a big gurl (taunting).'

'Look you just need to play along with the joke jojo
and everyone will laugh with you not at you.'

'now put on your big gurl panties and...
Oh! you already have (giggles).'

'Now stop crying and practice that little chear again.'

'Give me a T ... T
Give me a E ... E
Give me a A ... A
Give me a M ... M
What does it spell
Go Team! Yay! Yay! (Joe jumps up and down waving)'

That's it jojo. Big smile and wave those pompoms...'

'I'll get the car...'

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I admit this is one of the stranger things i have drawn lately.

In my defence I've been taking a lot of codeine for flu the last few days.

Forced feminization 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

MIstresses Troy boi

Marleen brings home a new toy-boi Troy to meet her submissive hubby.


'Really, he'll suck my cock ... and you don't mind...?'

'Sure hunny, I told you all this in the car (not the sharpest tool in the shed she thought but six foot two ... and nine inches...  19 with the attention  span of a 4 year old.)'

'I'm  not gay, you know that.'

'Haha. Yes Troy. I got that three times last night lover.'

'Oh yeah, right' Troy smiles.

'Only I've never been sucked by a dude... can i...?'

'Sure. Pansy loves a mouthful of real Man cock. Don't you Pansy?'

'Yes Ma'am' Pansy bobs a reflex curtsy and tries hard to sound enthusiastic.

'Ha ha, curtsy.' Troy comentates the obvious sounding gormless. ('Nine inches' Marleen reminds herself.)

'Kneel.' Marleen is suddenly commanding.

Pansy kneels in front of Troy. Pansy is in a classic maids outfit. Marleen thought about this. Troy being a simple boy/man, she went with a clich├ęd costume.  Didn't want to confuse the lad.

'Whoa cool. He's like really trained.' Troy like a kid in a candy shop.

'Troy." Marleen is a little impatient now. 'what did i tell you about calling Pansy 'he'??' More of a shoollteacher tone for Mr Nine Inches.

'Oh yeah. right. She! ... yeah definitely she.'

'I...' Troy trails off as Pansy undoes his belt and jeans. Lowers his jocks. Troy is almost hard already.

'Ah youth.' Marleen thinks.

Sissy kisses the head then takes it in.

'Oh crap, oh shit' Troy says articulately with his mouth opening as his head lolls back.

Marleen Smiles. 'That's  not a wig you know Troy.'  She knows from experience that Troy likes to grab a handful of hair but the hint is too subtle for this boi. 'You can grab it if you want Troy.'

There you go. Pansy stifles a squeal as her hair fills troys right fist.

'Oh shit ... can i like cum in him, i mean her?'

'Well, normally I'd just let pansy warm you up but. OK. just this once. My treat.'

Pansy's eyes find his mistresses at this. They're a little ... concerned.

Marleen returns Pansy's look with a little practiced power-snear that says 'Don't  even think about challengung me bitch. You love this you little shit.'

Pansy has to back off meeting Marleen's gaze. Her message is true of course. He knows it.

'You can go deeper Troy. She's trained remember?'

'...Oh shit' Troy says...


I know, i know.

No picture.

Really? you didn't get one...?



Oh well, i guess i had to draw it:

This sissy is more obviously a humiliated hubby don't you think?

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Such Compliments for jo

This little story starts here:

I guess the story above is what they call 'fan fiction'. A blush making thought for a widdle sissy like me. My friend 'throne' wrote this story with me as the central sissy. Get outa here!

[On top of this, the magnificent Ms julie posted this a week ago: Excuse me if i get a big head with all these compliments.]

Anyway, me being me, my only real way to repay the compliment was to offer a drawing to throne. In the end i added a  little written 'morning after' scene to suit the image.

So when you've read thrones story i hope my add-on below adds a little something.


Jo was up early instinctively doing some cleaning in the kitchen. humming and singing to herself. Then jo heard movement.

Jo hadn’t expected to see Max up this early, especially with the ‘activities’ and the wine with his wife last night. His wife, Karen and Max had gone well into the night after dismissing their sissy jo.

Jo remembered to curtsy to Max as required but this made him immediately aware of the silly nighty his wife had made him wear. That big pink bow. Jo blushed.

'Good morning Max … er Mr Max … Sir’ jo stumbled … 'How may I serve you?’ jo added with a curtsy.

Panties’ Max said.

From the direction of Max’s gaze and his hand motions, jo realized Max wanted jo’s panties. Jo blushed more deeply. 'Yes Sir.’

Jo awkwardly removed his panties. An unwanted hardness started in jo’s clitty. Jo could not control it. Jo sheepishly handed his panties to Max.

Taking the panties. Max immediately pinched jo’s nose closed! Jo was nonplussed and his mouth opened involuntarily to breath.

At this Max forced jo’s wadded panties into his mouth. 'Need quiet.’ Max said sleepily. 'A little hungover’ Max added with a yawn'.

As Max wandered off to the bathroom jo thought he heard a low giggle. The little tent in jo's nighty twitched. 'Its going to be a long day.’ jo thought.


Thanks throne.



Monday, 11 April 2016

My dear, tiny, kinky audience,

I must comment on an extraordinary gift from the amazing Ms Julie on her site:

Ms Julie  has posted a LARGE collections of drawings by me. I feel very unworthy. I think the quality is very 'uneven' but its an amazing gift none-the-less.

Just for the heck of it,
Here are a couple of my very latest drawings:

And then there's some whimsy:

And a slightly older favorite of mine.

Well a gurl has gotta express her sissy self.

Oh Yes Ma'am!